Town of Ohio Tax Freeze/Government Efficiency Plan Approved By State Gov't

Earlier this year the Town Supervisor with the approval of the Town Board, submitted a Tax Freeze/ Government Efficiency Plan to the State of New York. The plan included documentation of actions takened by the Town Gov't over the last few years that have resulted in significant budgetary savings, and will continue to result in savings over and above criteria set by the State Gov't for the next 3 years. We have recently receive State approval for our plan, which should result in a small tax rebate for our taxpayers.

New Equipment Added to the Park Playground

Recently, three new playround equipment pieces were added to the park playground. The new equipment includes a new replacement 10 ft double bay swing set, a Spinami, an upright spinning whirl, and a Flip-Flop, having a see-saw type action.  The added equipment was the result of a $ 9,353.00 grant the town applied for and received from Herkimer County HealthNet.