Update - Take it to the Park, Coca-Cola Contest

Update: I noticed today that our town park was added to the contest database, but is ineligible. Although probably moot for this contest, I have emailed the contest contact to request of them to reconsider our eligibility.  To my understanding of the stated contest eligibility requirements, our park should be eligible. They have held this contest for a couple of years now, and at the very least, I want us to be eligible to compete the next time it is held.

Town Directory

We are currently in the infancy of developing a Town Directory on our town web-site. The directory is a conveniently available listing of businesses, clubs & organizations, or persons with a hobby or interest and want to get the word out. To qualify for a free listing, you need to be a resident or property owner in the Town of Ohio. Initially, to place a listing in the directory, please email, use the contact form on this site, or leave a message at the town office, with the details of the listing.

Town of Ohio Recreation Commission Seeking New Members

The Town of Ohio Recreation Commission is seeking new members. If you are looking for a way to serve the community, and to be a part of an organization who's activities enrich the lives of others within our town, this just might be what you're looking for. To find out more, contact the Ohio Recreation Commission by email:, or call he town office at 826-7912.

Website Photo Gallery

You may have notice that we recently added a photo gallery to our Town of Ohio website. We intend to include a wide variety photographs of life in the Town of Ohio, past and present. If anyone has a photograph or photographs that would be a nice addition to our town's photo gallery, please let us know by using the contact form, posting a comment, calling the town office, or emailing us at

Skating Rink Construction

We finally received the liner and we now have the materials to put this together.  I'm hoping we can get a few people together on Saturday (start around 10:00am), and get this done. I know it's short notice, but it looks like we'll have a decent day for it. Hopefully colder weather will follow. If you're in interested in helping out, stop by on Saturday, or give me a call at 826-5131. Leave a message if you can't get me right away.