Town of Ohio Skating Rink Conditions

Ice Skating Rink

03-29-13  It looks like were about at the end of the ice skating season. Judging by the number of people who used the rink, it has been a sucessful first year. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve upon what was done this year, we would be happy to hear from you. For those who have signed out skates, please return them to the office, or hand them off to a rec commission member or myself, at your convenience.

03-15-13  Shoveled off the rink tonight. Ice was fould to be as smooth as it has been all season. It's in great shape for the weekend. Use it while you stil can.

03-12-13  The rink is closed. As of tonight, the rink surface ice has melted, although underneath there is still a good ice base.  With the lower temps forecasted for Wednesday night, hopefully the surface will refreeze and the rink will be usable for Thursday. 

03-02-13   The rink is open and is in pretty good condition for skating. After surface conditioning tonight, the rink should be in very good condition for the weekend.

02-28-13   The temperatures have not gotten cold enough to refreeze the rink. The rink will remain closed through this evening.

02-27-13 The recent warmup has caused some melting of the rink ice. The ice has been smoothed off today and should freeze again with the cooler temps tonight.

02-23-13  Resurfaced the rink Saturday morning. Rink conditions are back to very good condition for the weekend.

02-16-13  After ice surface conditioning Friday night, ice rink conditions throughout the rink appear to be in very good condition for the weekend. 

02-08-13 The rink usage has increased this past week as the word has gotten out. The ice has remained in good condition. The rough patch near the middle back wall has mostly been filled in and smoothed out, and should improve even  more after ice surface conditioning on Saturday morning.  More skates have been purchased this week, extending coverage to larger adult sizes. To obtain skates, contact Karen Mowers or other Rec Commission members, or call the town office Mon.-Thur. 9:00am - 2:00pm and after 2:00PM call Scott Bagetis at home at 826-5131, or email The rink is open for use until 7:30PM Sun. - Thur., and 9:00PM Friday and Saturday.

02-02-13  Ice was checked Saturday AM, Rink is completely frozen. Ice conditions are very good except for a rough patch near the middle-back wall. Avoid that spot and there is smooth skating.

02-01-13  Due to the recent warmup mid week, the top inch and a half of ice had melted. By this morning, the ice had mostly re-frozen, and with the continuing cold weather, it should be in good shape for skating on Saturday. With some of the skating rink grant funds, we have purchased skates to loan out to those who want to ice skate and don't have a pair of skates. Sizes range from 10 children to 9 adult. If your interested, email