Minutes, Feb 13, 2013

Regular Meeting of the Ohio Town Board was held on Tuesday, February 13, 2013, at 7:00 PM at the Recreation Building

The following Officials were present:

 Supervisor: Scott Bagetis

Town Clerk: Sandra Gates

Councilmembers: George Lawson, Gordon Roark, Ed Luther and Michelle Barrows

Highway Superintendent: James Nightingale

Also present: Secretary Pat Reuter, Bookkeeper Ruth Roark, Codes Enforcement Officer Jeff Greene, Justice Greene and Danny King


The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Bagetis at 7:00 PM.

The pleadge of Alligance was said by all.

Minutes of the regular Meeting held on January 8, 2013 were read, corrected and approved on motion by Councilmember Roark, second by Councilmember Luther. So carried.

Supervisor’s report, Abstracts #2 General Fund #21 through #47 totaling $39,239.37 and Highway Fund #25 through #51 totaling $100,572.20 were approved on motion by Councilmember Lawson second by Councilmember Roark. So carried.

Supervisor Bagetis stated Jennifer Lynch has resigned as custodian and Wayne Allen was hired as her replacement.

CODES: Monthly report given to Supervisor.

HIGHWAY: Nightingale stated truck #13 hydraulic pump is not working.

The pressure washer has been repaired, and the new pressure washer is on order.

Governor Cuomo has requested some of the Herkimer County DOT employees and equipment be sent out to help with the NEMO Storm.

Supervisor Bagetis stated the skating Rink has been completed and is open; he has purchased skates for town residents to use.

Kuyahoora Little League has requested the use of the ball field for some of their games. All board members approved them using the field.

APA: APA Project 2012-61 minor project permit application has been determined to be complete.

Adirondack Review Board adopted the resolution Proposes general permit for Silvicultural Treatments for sustainable forestry on private lands in the Adirondack Park.

TRUCK BIDS: Nightingale opened the following bids:

Steet Ponte Chevrolete - 2013 Silverado 2500 $29,999.04

Regular Meeting

February 13. 2013

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Simmons Rockwell -  2013 GMC Sierra 2500 $27,897.00

Whiteside Chevrolet -  2013 Silverado 2500 $28,887.00

East Syracuse Chevrolet -  2013 Chevy $26,847.00

Carbone Auto Group - 2013 GMC 2500HD $27,447.00

Sun Chevrolet Inc. -  2013 Chevy $27,447.00

NYE Automotive Group -  2013 GMC Sierra 2500 $38,957.00

Lee Pontiac Buick Inc. -  2013 GMC Sierra $28,559.00

Essenlohr Motors Inc.  - 2013 Silverado $29,208.12

Carbone Auto Group - 2013 Ford F250 $27,720.00

Nightingale to contact East Syracuse Chevrolet to get a price on the installation of the starter. Nightingale to go over the bids and make sure they meet all specifications.

Councilmember Roark made a motion for Supervisor Bagetis to approve the purchase of the 2013 Chevy truck from East Syracuse Chevrolet if the starter can be installed for less than the price by Carbone Automotive Group for a 2013 GMC Sierra 2500, second by Councilmember Barrows.

Roll Call vote as follows: Lawson-aye, Luther-aye, Roark-aye, Barrows-aye and Bagetis-aye.

BAR: Two Board of Assessment Review positions are open.

Councilmember Barrows would like to adopt a gasoline use policy. Board members discussed adopting a gasoline policy or resolution. A monthly gasoline usage report will be given to board members.

Councilmember Lawson made a motion to adjourn at 8:10 PM, second by Councilmember Luther. So carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandra Gates

Town Clerk