Digitized Town Records

Last year, the Town of Ohio applied for and was awarded a grant to digitize a portion of the towns records. Grant funds were used to have an outside firm digitized records that the town is required to keep permanently or retain for long period of time. Many of these records/ documents had started to deteriorate in there current paper form, and by digitizing those records, we are preserving the information that is contained within them. Included are the full series of town meeting minutes that date back to the towns founding. Other items that were digitized included payroll records and other historical records/ documents. In addition to record preservation, moving towards a digital records system, will improved access, organization, and searchability of the town records. As time allows, town personal will gradually digitize additional records in-house that require retention. An added benefit of digitizing records is that it makes possible greater public access to public historical records/ documents. We will be reviewing and gradually adding historical records and documents to our website to allow for convenient access by the public.