Workshop, February 29, 2016

Workshop Meeting of the Ohio Town Board was held on Monday, February 29, 2016 at 7:00 PM at the Town Office


The following Officials were present:

Supervisor: Scott Bagetis

Town Clerk: Sandra Gates

Councilmember’s: Gordon Roark, Ed Luther, David Mower and George Lawson

Highway Superintendent: Jim Nightingale


The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Bagetis at 7:00 PM.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.

For the 2017 Budget Nightingale stated he would like to replace the 1993 Ford truck, possibly using CHIPS monies, and selling the 1993 Ford. It will take several months to order and have a new truck delivered. Board members discussed the purchase and will take it under advisement. Supervisor Bagetis stated it would have to be a CHIPS purchase. Nightingale will know the amount of CHIPS monies in April or May.

Quonset hut: Board members and Nightingale went to inspect the Quonset hut and tool room. The wood is starting to rot from being wet. Both buildings leak and have condensation from no insulation. Supervisor Bagetis will do some research for a grant. The roof needs maintenance.

Councilmember Lawson made a motion to adjourn at 8:40 PM, second by Councilmember Luther. So carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandra Gates

Town Clerk