Tax Collector

The Tax Collector mails out the town and county tax bills and must complete the mailing by January 1st.  The Tax Collector collects payment in January, February, and March.  Checks are payable to the Tax Collector either my mail or in person at the town offices.  The Tax Collector will send a receipt to the taxpayer crediting the amount paid.  The Tax Collector will submit a report to the Town Supervisor of the collections and pay the amount collected to the municipality. 

Term:  Two years - January 1, 2018 ending December 31, 2019

Contact Information: 

Tammy Sperry

Home:  2881 South Lake Road, Forestport, NY 13338   Tel:  (315) 392-5473

Office:  234 Nellis Road, Ohio, NY 13324   Tel:  (315) 826-7912 x 8   Fax:  (315) 826-7031