Minutes, March 13, 2012

Regular Meeting of the Ohio Town Board was held on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 7:00 PM at the Recreation Building

The following Officials were present:

Supervisor: Scott Bagetis

Town Clerk: Sandra Gates

Councilmembers: George Lawson, Gordon Roark, Ed Luther and Michelle Barrows

Highway Superintendent: Nightingale

Also present: Secretary Pat Reuter, Assessor David Rhea, Justice Greene, Codes Enforcement Officer Greene and several town residents

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Bagetis at 7:00 PM.

The Pledge of Alligance was said by all.

Minutes of the regular meeting held on February 14, 2012 were read and approved on motion by Councilmember Lawson, second by Councilmember Barrows. Minutes of the Workshop Meeting held on February 23, 2012 were read and approved on motion by Councilmember Roark, second by Councilmember Lawson. So carried.

Supervisor’s Report and Abstract #3 General Fund #55 through #73 in the amount of $23,310.85 and Highway Fund #48 through #74 totaling $99,313.68 was approved on motion by Councilmember Barrows, second by Councilmember Roark. So carried.

BUDGET: The 2011 General and Highway Budgets have been closed out. There are unexpended monies in both accounts.

The 2012 General Fund will have less unexpended monies due to higher cost of fuel.

The 2012 Highway Fund also will have a higher cost for fuel and approximately a $20,000.00 increase in Health Insurance cost.

CODES: Monthly report and year end report given to board members.

Jeff attended training and stated the cycle of code changes will be in 2014.

HIGHWAY: Nightingale went to Albany to attend Advocacy Day. He stated at this time there will be no change in CHIPS monies.

He has posted local roads for weight limits.

Spring work has been started.

HIGHWAY REPLACEMENT COMMITTEE: Nightingale gave the following recommendations:

Priority #1 Truck #14-1993 snowplow

Priority #2 Superduty

Priority #3 Pickup truck

He will look at other Town’s replacement policies.

He would like a list of Highway Debt from the Supervisor.

RECREATION: An Easter Breakfast will be held on April 7th.

The Commission is moving forward with Ohio Days, they are trying to get sponsors.


Regular Meeting

March 13, 2011

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Supervisor Bagetis stated event insurance coverage for two days will cost approximately $300.00 to $400.00 as long as the Town does not sell alcohol.

CORRESPONDENCE: Councilmember Lawson made a motion to approve alcohol at the recreation hall on June 30, 2012, second by Councilmember Barrows. So carried.

COMMUNITY: It was requested the Town Newsletter be started again.

GRIEVANCE DAY: The board discussed the need for three temporary Board of Review members. The positions will be posted.

WEBSITE: Peter Rashford has given a new website proposal for unlimited pages at a cost of $720.00. The board discussed the website and Councilmember Barrows made a motion to accept the new proposal, second by Councilmember Roark. So carried.

DOG CONTROL OFFICER: Ashley Barrows has been inspected by the Department of Agriculture and Markets. She needs to heat her kennel for the cold weather; she will be re-inspected in 30 days.

TRASH DAY: Nightingale to confirm May 12th as Trash Day.

Councilmember Lawson commended Nightingale for applying to FEMA for work the Highway Department performed due to weather conditions.

Councilmember Lawson made a motion to adjourn at 8:17 PM, second by Councilmember Luther. So carried.


Respectfully Submitted,


Sandra Gates

Town Clerk